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Unlock Boundless Transactions: YourAll-In-One Money Solution

With Sweesh, experience next level banking, money transfers and receive funds from friends, family, or customers globally. Boost your business by integrating our efficient checkout solution for effortless payments

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At Core

We provide a easy and flexible platform for businesses and individuals to make use of.

Transparent Policy

Whether you are sending a friend cash, or paying for a service, we ensure that we are very transparent with the whole process.

Fast Transactions

We ensure that our Due Diligence process takes care of loopholes other platforms fail to check at initial stages hence no unnecessary bans and faster transactions.

24/7 Online Service

Money is a vey important aspect when it comes to anyone, we wouldn’t want anyone to be stuck because of us.

Sweesh is For everyone who pays or gets paid

Pay, Get Paid, Save Money, Anywhere in the world. Use virtual cards to shop online, use your physical debit card and withdraw from any ATM around the world.

Free Transaction

Enjoy Free Cross boarder transactions whether you are paying through our checkout or sending someone cash directly to their wallets.

Secure Payment

Our Able team Values security more than anything else. We believe that security comes first when it comes to dealing with your money..

Encrypted Personal Data

Privacy is our priority. We’d not want your information to be stollen out there by anyone at any point. We operate as a bank hence priority.

Multiplatform Gateway

We are the first company to come up with a very highly sophisticated platform yet simple to operate for users.

Easy Online Transaction


We want you to focus in growing your business only. Make Payments or Receive Payments in simple clicks. 

Track Your Payment method


Keep track of how money flows in and out of your wallet accounts in simple interface.

complete your shopping on online digital wallet

You can pay either by using our virtual cards or physical cards online. Withdraw from any ATM, Pay direct from your wallet on merchants who have integrated sweesh checkout.

Cards Work Across The World

Money should be borderless, you have the power to decide whether you want your wallet to work cross boarder or not.

Return Token On Shopping

Get waivers when you shop using sweesh at any merchants that support sweesh as a payment method.

How To Get Started with Sweesh Wallet

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Banking Redefined.

Step 1

download the app & Register

Download The App From Playstore.

Step 2

personal information & form submit

Upload the needed documents for KYC verification.

Step 3

Approved & Get Your Digital Account

Literally Do anything you want with your account.

"We are committed to letting people own money and making transactions simple like chatting."

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Shadrack Kube

Chair (Sweesh Wallet)

"Great! This is one of the best apps I have ever used before."

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Marco L. Obryan

Senior Developer

24/7 we care about client Satisfaction

We are pushed by the mere fact that The most important thing we want is to see you happy while using our services.

Call Now: +(254)792-556-317

choose your Payment card from our options

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Pro Card
Card curent to USD
Valid only Selected Country
Unlimited Transaction
Accepted Cash Reward
Business Card
Card curent to USD, EUR, JPY
Valid To All Country
Unlimited Transaction
Accepted Cash & Travel Reward
5,000 Online Bonus Point
Premium Card
Card curent to USD, eUR, JPY, AED
Valid To All Country
Unlimited Transaction
Accepted Travel, Partner Reward